Mission Santa Clara de Asis

Santa Clara, California. Founded in 1777 by Father Junipero Serra, Mission Santa Clara’s uniqueness is that it resides on the campus of Santa Clara University, a private non-profit Jesuit school. The self-guided tour took us on an adventure filled with history, art, and beauty; it was an experience to remember! What stood out for us was the beauty of the church, the Wisteria arbor that is over 130 years old, the Francis of Assisi chapel which contains a section of the original mission wall and a wooden statue of Saint Francis of Assisi, a painting in the church of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus with representation of the Trinity above the family, and the unique wood-carved stations of the cross.

It was interesting to me when we found Joseph referred to as Jesus’ stepfather. I’ve never thought of him that way before. I guess I always thought of Joseph more as an adoptive father.

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  1. How interesting it is that different labels can portray a relationship so differently. “Step-father” sounds a little more removed and maybe resentful(?). “Adoptive father” sounds so much more welcoming and accepting. There isn’t a lot of information given on Joseph…and we tend to focus our attention on Mary. God came down and worked within the limits of our human relationships and social constructs to show Himself to us. The relationships and social labels placed on Him did not limit His incarnation or what He came to accomplish. Interesting observation.

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