Another side-trip note: A Miracle

Palo Alto, California. We saw a miracle happen last night.  I am grateful to our Heavenly Father for his grace and for the gentleman He empowered to keep us from harm.  As we were making our way to our hotel room, Dee Ann didn’t see two walkway steps that dropped down in front of her.  Just as she stepped, I saw them and called out, “steps!” But it was too late.  Not expecting the drop, she started falling forward when suddenly two hands reached out from an opening in the wall next to her, grabbed her arms, and enabled her to regain her balance.  There was a housekeeping room on the left at that point in the walkway and the hotel employee just happened to be sitting across from it, he just happened to see Dee Ann stumble, he just happened to be able to react quickly to grab her, and he just happened to have the strength to hold her until she regained her balance.  And we just happened to experience a miracle.

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